How to find if a mattress is good in quality – Guidelines to check the quality of a mattress

The quality of the mattress depends on several factors like firmness of the foam, strength of the springs and coil, layers of foam, padding, mattress foundation, etc. These minute details will never be revealed by the salesperson in the mattress store Houston. Such finding and testing should be made by the buyer himself.

How to test a mattress?

To test a mattress, remove the shoes and lie down on it for 15 to 30 minutes. Do not shift the position during the testing time. If the buyer shares his bed, he should test the mattress with the sharer. While testing, check how much the movements of the other person is felt.

How to test firmness of a mattress?

The soft foam in a mattress is moist to touch. On the other hand, a firmer foam will bounce back immediately.

Here are some guidelines to check the quality of a mattress.

Mattress spring and coils

Every mattress in the mattress store Houston has gauge number on its label. This number denotes the thickness of the coils inside the mattress. Usually a gauge number in the range of 12 to 15 is good. When the gauge number is higher, the thickness is lesser.

Mattress padding – Top

The padding on the top of the mattress certainly speaks about the quality of the mattress. Usually paddings are made of polyurethane foam, cotton or polyester. More the padding better is the mattress quality. However, with more padding comes extra cost

Middle mattress padding

Middle mattress padding is just below the top layer of padding. One should look at the cross section of the mattresses to learn about the thickness of these padding layers. Ask the salesperson at the mattress store Houston to reveal the cross section. This can be easily done by unzipping the cover. The middle padding should have increased firmness

Use the above testing method to check the firmness of the layers.

Insulation mattress padding

This layer is on the top of coil springs. They are meant to protect the springs. They are generally not felt from the top layer. This layer should be firmer for longer life of the mattress.

Mattress quilting and ticking

The outermost layer of the mattresses in the mattress store Houston contains ticking and quilting. It is usually of polyester. The quilting attaches the ticking to the top most layer of the mattress padding. Examine the quality of stitches at these areas.